I’m interested in concretizing, drawing attention to the visual components of illusion in 2D practice. Through wilfully breaking the illusion, so its trickery is reavealed.  My work tangles with different components of depth illusion, stain transparency, overlap, broken line, the rectangle or window view.

This interest relates to the hybrid world of painting, the non-tangible space that exists in between 2D and 3D, a place that act of painting can bring you in close contact with. After many years of painting I realised I was interested in modelling my own experience of this place. Sculpting it in low-relief. For me its a softly shadowed space, held in place by edges, overlaps, sutures and  collapsible planes. Irreconcilably akin both to the sliding planes of a theatre set, and the flatness of a template or pattern-piece.

My works are mixed-media and often temporary, wall-hangings or small artefacts crafted from biodegradable materials like card, paper, fabric, graphite, inks and pigment. The cycle of folding, collapsing or breaking-down, long-important to my work. Processes of storing and forgetting, selectively returning, the incision of time locked into creases and folds.


AK 2020

Selected Exhibitions and Events


Foreshore Open Studios, SFSA, Deptford Strand SE4

Deptford X Fringe, Parade of the Friendly Monsters, SE8


Second Floor Painting Open, No Format Gallery, Deptford SE8

Frills and Spills, Little Nan’s Bar, Deptford X Fringe Installation, SE8

Brookmill Artists Open Studio,Deptford X Fringe Events, SE8


Creekside Open 2017 Selected by Jordan Baseman

'Action Time Vision', Soft Wax Collective, Lewisham Arthouse SE13


'Deptford Works'  Deptford X Fringe, Crossfield Studios SE8

'Nighthawks', FREUD Shaftesbury Ave City Lit Group Exhibition

'Art Without Borders', Syria Relief, Leyden Gallery, Shoreditch, London

'The Elements'  Group Exhibition, Crossfield Studios, Deptford SE8


'Snakes & Ladders', ArtHub Gallery, Deptford X

'A Darker Splash', solo exhibition 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' London SE13

'The call of the running tide' City Lit Staff Exhibition


Creekside Open 2013 Selected by Paul Noble

'Eight Studios' Deptford X, curated exhibition at FairCharm


'The Odyssey', Project Artist with Teatro Vivo at Deptford Albany

'Site', solo exhibition at 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' cafe


Battersea Art Fair London, Stark Gallery


Urban Art, Brixton, London

Lee Green Artists, Open Studios

Edinburgh Art Fair, Art Ireland, Bristol Art Fair, Cambridge Art Fair - Stark Gallery

Amanda Knight Bio

Mixed-media artist (newly) living in East Sussex (UK), after 20 years of working as an artist-practitioner-teacher in South East London.  Early training as botanical-graphic artist (Falmouth School of Art)  led to 5 years of practice in industry, before re-training as an outreach educator and fine-artist. Combined career in adult learning with long-term independent practice.  Active participant in Deptford’s contemporary art network and twice accepted into the Creekside Open.  Currently working as Joint-Course Co-ordinator on the City Lit Fine Art Course.  Also leads short courses in drawing research, abstract and contemporary painting at City Lit, London. 


Falmouth School of Art, Illustration Diploma 1988-1990, Central Saint Martins, MA Applied Imagination for the Creative Industries 2000, City Lit Fine Art Course 2010-12, The Bigger Picture Post-Grad course with Bob & Roberta Smith, Essential School of Painting 2018.



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